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NAM 100% Nightmare clears.
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<Not Another Meme>

Alongar a posted Mar 16, 17

The guild <Not Another Meme> was founded in the game, Star Wars: The Old Republic.  The guild is a Hard mode and Nightmare mode progression guild.  We currently have cleared all Hard mode operations and all Nightmare mode operations.  Our community consists of exceptional players; which most have cleared all end-game content, on all difficulties.   We currently are recruiting more exceptional players, including players who are returning to the game. 

If you are interested in becoming a member of the guild, please fill out this application.  If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us here.  We look forward to playing with all of the new members who make it through the application process.

-Former Vice Guildmaster of <Not Another Meme> and current Advisor to the GM, Alongar 

Guild Meeting!

Alongar a posted Jun 26, 17

Guild meeting to be held on Thursday (6/29/17) at 6:30PM EST.  Kytera will be hosting it.  Please be in Discord.

Congratulations to the guild in achieving full clears in all Nightmare operations.  I am proud of everyone in the core group in progressing through Nightmare content so quickly.  You all will continue to progress and evolve even further in future content and having Nightmare experience will make that transition much easier.


Guild Meeting

Alongar a posted Mar 18, 17

Guild meeting on 3/19/17 @ 6pm EST.

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